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Amino! The Card Game

Lauren Woolsey
Cambridge, MA
Table: J8

Amino! is a lightweight strategy card game. Gameplay is simple, fast, and fun. On their turn, a player can peek at face-down cards on the table, play cards in front of themselves and others, and swap cards already played. Players try to collect cards to get the most points and put negative-point cards in front of others. Players that can remember key card locations, bluff their opponents, and assemble powerful card-combinations will be victorious!

The Care and Feeding of Nerds Playtesting Lab:
"This game took maybe 3 minutes to learn and I never felt like the more experienced gamers had a big advantage over me."
"It's so fun, fast, and portable. This seems like an ideal way to pass time with fellow gamers while, say, waiting in line at a con."
"After learning Amino, I kept making comparisons to chess or checkers; it's easy to learn, but there's a wide variety of strategies that you can employ to win."

Unpub 5 Feedback:
"Having the cards in the atmosphere played face down was incredibly fun; it was the right combination of strategy and luck"
"You really had to decide who you wanted to look at and when and what to switch. High Risk, high reward"
"Scientifically educational games, rather than lectures disguised as games, are rare and beautiful when they happen."

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